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  • To create public awareness about the potential benefits and perceived risks of biotechnology intervention in :
  • Sustainable development and utilization of natural resources
  • Human, animal and plant health
  • Environmental protection
  • To influence policies through partnering with academic and educational institutions anywhere in the world to promote quality in biotechnology education and training.

  • To influence public policy development to ensure safe and wider utilization of biotechnology.
  • To publicize facts and figures related to problems in health, agriculture and environmental degradation and pollution, for which biotechnology offers promising solutions.

  • To provide a platform for students and teachers of biotechnology, and allied social sciences, to articulate their points of view and nurture them as ambassadors to promote safe and appropriate deployment of biotechnology.

  • To serve as a 'think tank' to influence public opinion and the Government policy developments in India around the world.

  • To publish and disseminate scientific material and data in biotechnology related areas that are of interest to the society at large.

  • To promote educational programs and support policies for the development of internationally competitive biotechnology curriculum at the university and collegiate levels in India.

  • To do all acts, matters, and things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.